Serving the immediate needs of the vulnerable

We seek to identify with vulnerable people and to serve them unconditionally in their immediate needs.  In our food program basic meals are served three times a day, while food parcels are distributed amongst those trying to take responsibility for their lives.  Records of every person coming to the centre are meticulously kept, and are used to plan specific interventions as and when possible. 

Basic medical assistance is provided by amongst others, medical students who have transformed the vestry of the church into a first-aid centre.

Our clothing program is aimed at handling all donations of clothing, blankets and general household items in a responsible manner.  After being sorted it is either distributed for use to one of our programs, or logged into our storage facility.

Reaching out and initiating meaningful interventions in the lives of children living lives of despair on the streets of our city, is the aim of our youth outreach.  Daily these youngsters are motivated to participate in various activities, while being challenged to join our special youth program which can prepare them for a life of purpose.