Creating confidence

We believe in God.  We believe in people.  We want to encourage and guide vulnerable people to develop confidence in themselves and their own abilities.


INFAITH, our needlework skills training & job-creation program gives the unemployed the opportunity to not only acquire new skills, but also to utilize these skills to earn an income.  After completing specific courses they can become part of the structured job-creation program through which a variety of quality needlework products are produced.

The Cleanup Teams program is an initiative aimed at enabling the unemployed to take the first tentative steps to eventually secure fulltime employement.  Combined with a system of Life Skills, participants are placed at various places where they have to provide a cleaning service for which they are paid by the hour by the businesses involved.

For those desiring spiritual empowerment, the VERITAS Bible program has a worldwide proven track-record.  Previously disempowered people are gaining the ability to really understand and handle the Bible in their own lives with confidence.