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Christmas 2017 @ Towers of Hope!

21 November 2017

Come! Let’s celebrate together!

There is something special that happens when people eat together; even more so when people who profess faith in Jesus do so. On this 10th celebration of our Towers of Hope Christmas meal, the focus will be on what happens when followers of Jesus celebrate by eating together. During the Sundays leading up to Christmas Day, the following themes will receive attention in the preaching: A Meal of Abundance (Sunday 26 Nov); A Meal of Inclusion (Sunday 3 Dec); A Meal of Expectation (Sunday 10 Dec); A Meal of Faith (Sunday 24 Dec), concluding on Christmas Day with Come! Let’s celebrate together!

In the weeks preseding, there will be a variety of events according to the various focuses of Towers of Hope, but all having at its core a celebratory meal of believers having fellowship by eating together:

1. Wednesday 29 Nov (13:00-14:00) – “Friends of Towers of Hope”, older vulnerable people who meet every Wednesday for fellowship & life skills (25 people) [Program went well]
2. Tuesday 5 Dec (the whole day) – our group of youngsters living & surviving on the streets of our city, will go the Gwen Bali Waterworld! (20 youngsters)
3. Tuesday 5 Des (13:00-1400) – the leaders of our network of upcoming township NGO’s (12 leaders) hê [Somebody helps us with transport, with another person sponsoring the sweets & food]
4. Wednesday 6 Dec (13:00-14:00) – the Towers of Hope staff and core volunteers (10 people) [Somebody sponsors our staff with a meal at the Bon Hotel Central]
5. Thursday 7 Dec (13:00-16:30) – the Proud Clean Bloemfontein (PCB) workteams (17 men) to go on an outing to the War Memorial (their choice!) [Somebody sponsors the food parcels]
6. Thursday 7 Dec (19:00-22:00) – the ladies trapped in prostitution, to receive eats & a special giftpacket (40 ladies)

If you can maybe assist with sweets, toiletries (men’s & ladies), cooldrinks, chips, anything nice and special to eat? THANK YOU!

For the Christmas Lunch on Christmas Day (approx. 400 people!), we plan to cook a beef stew (some-one already promised to bless us with a whole ox!!!). However, if you can assist in some way or another, here is the list of our further needs:
* Rice (30 kg)
* Potatoes (30 kg) [Promised]
* Carrots (15 kg) [Promised]
* Onions (10 kg) [Promised]
* Butternuts (35 kg) [Promised]
* Spinach (100 bundles) [Promised]
* Tomatoes (100) [Promised]
* Vanilla ice-cream (10x 5 litres)
* Plenty of chocolate souce!
* Lots of Jelly & custard!
* Polystyrene cups (400) [Already sponsored]
* Deep polystyrene plates (400) [Already sponsored]
* Deep polystyrene pudding bowls (400) [Already sponsored]
* White plastic knives, forks, spoons (400 of each) [Already sponsored]
* Cooldrink for 400 people [Promised]
* A large number of different type of sweets (for 500 gift packets)
* Face-cloths, body-soap, deoderants (for 500 gift packets)

We DEFENITELY need MANY VOLUNTEERS before, during and after the Christmas lunch:
• The week before Christmas (19 – 24 Dec) to assist with the preparation of the food
• Christmas Day (07:00-10:00) to assist with the setting and decorating of the tables
• Christmas Day (07:00-11:00) to assist with the final food preparation & serving of the meal
• Christmas Day (12:00-13:00) to assist with the cleanup afterwards

Lastly, you are also most welcome to make a financial contribution to our Christmas program. You can either come directly to the TwoTower churchoffice, or you can make a direct payment to: Towers of Hope Trust, FNB (Brandwag 23-05-34), Cheque account 622-5838-9602 – MARK: Christmas program.

Thank you very much!

Towers of Hope staff & trustees

Woodcutting by Fritz Eichenberg (1901-1990), “Christ of the Breadline” (1950)

“[Christ] who, being in the very nature of God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant...” (Phlp 2:5-6)

In the picture, Christ of the breadlines… the artist tries to picture THIS LOVE of Jesus for broken, smelly, ignorant human beings by picturing Jesus as one of us!  He has wholly and totally associated Himself with those on the margins of society.  He knows every worry, trouble, heart-ache.  He has paid for it by his blood.  He has taken it onto Himself...

And as his followers, we have to follow Him also in THIS...